GTT App torino [Redesign]

I have been living on an off in Torino, Italy with my husband for the past 3 years and Torino GTT App is something I pretty much use every other day. Hence I tried to redesign the app as a personal project for the purpose of learning Figma
Original GTT App: Android, iOS
Tool: Figma | Font: Roboto, FontAwesome
Plugins: Map Maker, Iconify, Loreum Ipsum

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Naao Platform

A crowsourced package delivery platform inspired by Justeat, Airbnb and Uber. The entire system has been designed by me including the logo, splash screens, onboarding pages and Graphic Assets necessary to upload the app on both iOS app store and Android play store.
Platforms: iOS ,Android
Tools: Sketch, Photoshop, Illustrator
Plugin: Craft, Zeplin, Iconify | Font: Roboto, FontAwesome
Design System: NativeBase components
Developer: Foysal Ahamed

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Jarme Platform

Designed the entire suite of diary/mood tracker app using Sketch and Photoshop and worked closely with the developer throughout the process of building a production ready platform. Jarme is currently available on iOS, Android, web and Desktop (Macintosh & Linux).

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Mobile UI/UX design

The following projects were designed using a mixture of Sketch, Figma, Illustration and Photoshop. I have been designing mobile app on and off since 2016 and have started playing around with Figma and Adobe XD very recently.

Naao login page

Torino GTT App redesign

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WebSite Design

I have tried to keep the look and feel of the websites both friendly and approachable. The color combination should easily catch users eyes and the layout of the sites were also divided into sections for the users to be able to easily grab the information they want. I have also used some illustrations to keep the webpage look less boring while providing meaningful informations. Software used: Photoshop, Illustrator

Naao Website

Jarme Website

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Poster Design

I have designed the following posters to sell on Etsy Marketplace and also for personal use too. The designs were created using Photoshop and with a little bit of help from Illustrator.

cutlery language 101

Happy Birthday

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Business Cards

Business Card design was the first step of my Graphic Designing career. Selling print design products on Envato marketplace early on while still learning the ins and outs of design processes was quite challenging but something I still enjoy to this day.



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Traditional resumè can be made using Microsoft office, however Microsoft Office is very limited when it comes to customising a product based on one's personal needs. Creating resumès using Illustrator or InDesign should always be a designer's first choice however the following resumès were created using Photoshop as I have been always comfortable with this software than the others.

Resumè 1

Resumè 2

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The following brochures were also created for commercial purposes using Photoshop. Although they were designed quite some time ago, these design works are still something I am quite proud off!

Personal Brochure

Corporate Brochure

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